Why Journal Writing?

The Journaling process offered here is a very effective tool to experience clarity, joy and freedom. 

This process helps us access an inner centre of stillness even in the midst of chaos and distress and from there find our way to a more creative, resilient, happy self.

The most powerful incentive for journaling is the development of your calm and neutral witness. 

This witness is not just witness to your life and daily activities, but to your feelings, thoughts, and even the triggers that contribute to your distress.  You may enter the activity of journaling embroiled in emotions that seem to have taken over, but if you follow the process offered on this site, you will find yourself in the witness place; the part of you that is serene and aware.  Cultivating this witness will help you take some distance and allow for a new perspective. From this vantage point you have more clarity, can see more options, and feel inspired to take appropriate action.

If you are interested in the journalling experience you may also be interested in Journal Coach mastermind, Aukje Kapteyn's new book Grounded Grandmothers  where Aukje relies on stories, anecdotes, reflections, and practical exercises to help move the reader forward.
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About Journal Writing

In this journal process we will access this Self, who is unconditionally accepting of who you are, where you are, and what you may be experiencing in the here and now.

Journaling can be seen as a date with your Self, where complete attention to what you are experiencing right now is the most loving gesture.  You can arrange to ‘meet’ at your favourite spot, with an attractive journal, pens, flowers, candles, beauty around you, whatever works to set the stage for this kind of intimacy. Yet, all you really need to do, is to show up.

This journaling process has been developed by Aukje Kapteyn, whose 30 plus years of experience as a counselling therapist have given her insight in to the needs of the mind and soul. 
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The unique five step process – shown to be very effective in transforming distress into a clear, tranquil mindfulness – can be used to process:

  • those crucial conversations you have left for too long
  • recurring triggers that have become exhausting
  • decluttering your emotional and physical ‘stuff’
  • manifesting a dream or goal 
  • intentional transformation impacting your daily life 
  • discovering the authentic author of your life
  • conscious relationships 
  • spiritual awakening

Writing Projects

Browse through our projects to find one that matches your particular needs and interests. You are given process questions on a weekly basis to help you get started, aid your motivation, learn new skills, and begin to enjoy the delights of humour and understanding you might not have known you had.



We offer retreats, in beautiful serene settings. Aukje is trained and certified in using modalities such as body-mind work through Bioenergetics, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Primordial Sound Meditation, movement, journaling, and processing unsustainable polarities from the work of Leslie Temple Thurston and Corelight.  

We can offer workshops and retreats at a venue of your choice. All topics listed above can be custom designed for your needs.  Signature Retreats offered by Aukje are: Earth Dreamer’s Dharma, The Peace Warrior, and specific journaling projects. Aukje has also been mentored by the late Jerry Jud in the Shalom Retreat Process. All of the above are either 3 or 4 day retreats. Please contact us for this service.


Journaling and Meditation go hand in hand to achieve balance, clarity and greater consciousness. Aukje is a certified instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation taught at Chopra University. 

Please contact her for consultation or local classes offered.  


Phone Consultations are available for those who wish to pursue emotional coaching in depth. Contact us for this option. Phone consultations are rated at $175.00 per hour not including long distance telephone charges if they apply.